SUMMARY: Sendmail Year 2000 Question

From: Grace Standorf (
Date: Fri May 09 1997 - 09:43:37 CDT

I apologize for the extremely long delay in my summary -

I originally wrote:

> I currently have sendmail disabled on my Sun-670MP running Solaris 2.5,
> but I'd like to enable it and start using it. Can anyone tell me if
> there are any Year 2000 problems using sendmail in this configuration?
> My current mail system uses a two-digit year and doesn't handle the
> year 2000 correctly.

I received responses advising that the thing to do is to get rid of the
vendor-supplied version of sendmail and install 8.8.5 (available from, along with bind 4.9.5 (available
As far as the UNIX system date, internal dates are represented
as a 32-bit integer, so UNIX won't have any problems until around 2038.

I installed sendmail 8.8.5 and pine 3.96, and things are working quite
well. I'm having some problems bypassing MX records, but I'll save that
topic for a new message. :-)

Thanks to the following for their help:

Reto Lichtensteiger <>
"Karl E. Vogel" <> (Kevin Sheehan {Consulting Poster Child})
"Matthew Stier" <>
Rich Kulawiec <>
John Justin Hough <> (Satish Somanath)


Grace Standorf
Workplace Technology Services Branch

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