SUMMARY: Keyboard click with no X running

From: Caleb Warner (
Date: Fri May 09 1997 - 09:03:52 CDT

Sorry for the delay, but I previously sent this message, and then had mail
problems on my end.

Anyway, the original problem was with a Sparcstation 5 running Solaris 2.3.
Somehow the keyboard started emitting keyclicks. Using 'xset -c off' wouldn't
work, because there was no X server running. The eeprom setting
'keyboard-click?' was set to false. How can I turn off the keyclick.

The answer is the command 'kbd -c off', which is apparently equivalent to the
SunOS 4.1.4 command of 'click'.

Thanks for everyone's help!

Caleb Warner
Raytheon Company

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