SUMMARY: Disk Space/System Monitoring

From: Jeff Newton (
Date: Tue May 06 1997 - 16:03:35 CDT


Thanks for the multitude of suggestions and since others were interested
in what I gathered, here is the summary:

>Before I sink precious time into writing another script, I was curious
>if anyone had a decent disk space/system monitoring script that I could
>I've heard SWATCH will do log monitoring but I understand its mainly
>used to monitor syslog output for firewalls. Anyone have experience
>with this.

I recieved many different suggestions:

1) A simple perl script run in cron that used df to check space

2) February 1997 issue of Sys Admin magazine had a number of tools for
system monitoring -

3) An X util called spacetool

4) A util called NOCOL

5) A montioring utility called Big Brother (checks diskspace, WWW, etc)

6) A program called Watcher -

Thanks again for the suggestions. I'm going to checkout Watcher but I
suspect I'll just use a simple perl script.


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