SUMMARY: (software) resources for SunOS 5.5 (gcc and perl especially)

From: Bob.Rich (
Date: Wed Apr 30 1997 - 09:09:15 CDT

Wow! Thanks for all the help (30-40 responses). I'm sure that you could
tell by my question that I'm not a Sun 'Manager', but I thank you for all
of your responses. I especially thank you all for the graciousness by
which you answered a question that is CLEARLY listed and answered in the
FAQ. Sorry!!!

Ok, so my summary is this:

My inferred question about how SunOS 5.x and Solaris operate together
(which amounted to asking how bread and pb&j sandwiches work together)
was succinctly answered:

Solaris 2.x = SunOS 5.x + goodies

And, a list of the resources for which I'm grateful (though as yet I've
only checked a few) (Solaris Freeware - nice)

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