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Date: Tue Apr 29 1997 - 14:58:33 CDT

Hi Sun Managers !!!

First of all, sorry for the delay on sending this summary, and thanks a
lot to all who responded:

Frank Lowe
Ivan Villalobos
Bismark Espinoza
Daniel Baker
Rasana Atreya
Stephen Harris
Keith Salustro
Wales Wong
Subir Grewal
Marina Daniels

My original question was:

> I had seen messages about dns lame servers and I am not sure to be
> understanding exactly what is a lame server. Suppose this example:
> named[210]: Lame server on '' (in
> ''?): [].53 '': learnt
> (A=,NS=

In summary a lame delegation refers to a server that has been delegated as
authoritative for a zone that does not have authoritative information
-that it is not performing name-service for that zone-. Commonly the
parent of the server says that it is authoritative for the zone (via ns
records) but that server it is not returning authoritative answers.
Another thing is that it seems that a recent change in sun's version of
BIND writes many of these messages to /var/adm/messages (suggestions
made were to go to and put yourself on the update list
waiting for a notification for a fix - there's a sun bug for it
#1262412-; or raise the level of logging of syslogd daemon in
/etc/syslog.conf; or recompile the BIND version being used without the

Additional information suggested in the received answers is at the
following locations:
  (there is a lot of documentation about DNS and a doc from Bryan Breecher
   titled "Dealing with lame delegations")

Adriana Caceres.

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