SUMMARY: Setting screen resolution on an IPC

From: Brian T. Wightman (
Date: Mon Apr 28 1997 - 22:22:41 CDT

The basic response was "It can't be done." Thanks for the responses.


>I have a bunch of IPC boxes that we are using as X terminals, and I
>now have a need to set the resolution on some of them to something
>other than the defaults. I have docs for OpenBoot 2 and 3, but I
>believe that the Proms in these units are older than that. "banner"
>gives a ROM version number of 1.6. These units have had cg3 cards
>installed in them (I believe - they could be cg6) for color output.
>Basically I need to change the display resolution to 1024x768. I know
>the "setenv output-device screen:rYDIMSxXDIMSxREFRESH" syntax, but I
>am unsure if this works in this revision of the ROM code, or what the
>valid settings for resolution would be.

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