Summary: "Pinning" windows in CDE

From: Mark B. Hamby (
Date: Mon Apr 28 1997 - 20:14:24 CDT


Open Windows & XView had the concept of pinned windows.
Is there a way to pin a window in CDE?

For example, when using textedit with CDE, I bring up the
"Find and Replace..." dialog box. When clicking on the "Find" button,
the dialog disappears. In Open Windows, I could pin the window to
keep it up. Is there a way to do this in CDE? Is there a resource
or something to keep these transitory XView windows pinned by default?


Still looking for a solution.....


From: (Marc S. Gibian)

To the best of my knowledge, until you have a CDE based on Motif 2, the
answer is: No.


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