SUMMARY: SunSwift in a Ultra 1 Server

From: Andy Korczynski (
Date: Mon Apr 28 1997 - 15:13:49 CDT

The original question:

I recently have tried to install a SunSwift card in a Ultra 1 Server
running Solaris 2.5. The existing ethernet device was hme0 which is the
same as the swift cards. If i plug the ethernet cable into the swift card
and reboot, the system gets stuck on "hme0: Link Down - cable problem?".
However, if i plug the ethernet cable into the old NIC everything works
fine. I have tried using boot -r but that doesn't seem to help anything.
Also, if i stop the machine before booting and issue a show-net-all the
swift card seems to be working correctly so I don't think it's a hardware
I also checked the hostname.hme0 and hosts files which are properly
configured. Any ideas??


Thanks for all the quick responses. The answer was pretty simple:

If there is already a hme0 card the next one will be hme1. After "mv"ing
/etc/hostnname.hme0 to /etc/hostname.hme1 and rebooting the new card worked

I think what tripped me up was that when I did a watch-net-all, a hme1
device did not show up. I saw a hme0 and hmef. I tried using
hostname.hmef but that didn't work either so i just never bothered to try

The wonderful people who so quickly responded were:
John Stoffel
Benjamin Cline
Eirh-Yu Hsie
David Schiffrin
Sanjay Srivastava

Andy Korczynski
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Illinois Institute of Technology
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