SUMMARY: Can't detect the 9G disk

Date: Mon Apr 28 1997 - 01:53:49 CDT


Thanks to

"Cheng, Bruce" <>
Tom Mornini <>
Justin Young <>

we finally solved the problem by installing the
FAS drivers from CDROM that came with the SunSwift SBus
card. In addition, Solaris 2 doesn't require format.dat.
It can read the info directly from the disk.

At the beginning, when I read the SunSwift SBus
Adpater installation menu, I only find the hme interface
driver and nothing about the FAS driver. I thought that
the CDROM is only for hme interface driver. As our
sparc workstation had already installed the hme driver,
we thought that there was no need to install the hme
dirver again from the CDROM. However, after I had received
some advise from the mailing list, I checked the content
of the CDROM and found that there is FAS driver in hme
package. Hence, I re-installed the hme package from
CDROM. BTW, after the hme package installation, we can
detect the 9G disk in format command but our hme driver was
down graded from v1.65 yo v1.40.



My original question:

>We had got a seagate ST19171W 9G wide scsi disk attached
>to a Sparc20 running on solaris 2.4 by a SunSwift SBus
>Adapter card. We can detect the disk at OK prompt but we
>cannot detect the disk device in format or sundiag after
>the boot -r at OK prompt.
>Did we miss something to activate the disk device?
>How do we write the /etc/format.dat for that disk?
>I cannot find some information such as acyl, fmt_time, from
>the disk specf.
>I will summarize the solution. Thanks.
>Alan S. H. Lam
>Department of Information Engineering, CUHK, Hong Kong

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