SUMMARY(?): NIS/DNS/Sendmail Problem

From: Art Schoenstadt (
Date: Thu Apr 24 1997 - 11:11:15 CDT

    My apologies for the delay in posting this summary(?). I was sort
of hoping that eventually I'd get a response that would solve the puzzle.

    My original posting (which is too long to repeat here - but I'll
gladly send to anyone who missed it) asked for any hints or pointers
that we can use to figure out where to look in DNS/NIS/Sendmail Rules
for the reason why our central mailhost all of a sudden started dropping
part of the address for delivery of mail to some machines within our
campus domain, but not within its subdomain, e.g.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------- cat testmsg | mail -v Connecting to via ddn... Host unknown
    Saving message in /usr/home/alschoen/dead.letter
    /usr/home/alschoen/dead.letter... Sent

where appears to think that is the
legitimate destination address for mail to I
can't figure out why it's dropping the "cc"!!

    Unfortunately, I only got one response. That suggested we drop Sun's
bind and sendmail in favor of the Berkeley versions. I appreciate the
advice (and apologize for misplacing the name of the sender), and, while
that may well be our long-term solution, it's not feasible right now.
But, I'm still as much in the dark as I was at the outset as far as
what caused this specific problem to just start appearing.

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