SUMMARY: Root logins from other terminals

Date: Wed Apr 23 1997 - 19:07:09 CDT

     Original question was:
     When I installed 2.5.1 on my systems, towards the end of the install I
     remember a statement about editing a file to enable/disable root
     logins from other terminals, which I preceded to do. Did I imagine
     this or what?
     I had remembered the answer after I posted the question. Like I said
     brain fart on my part. Answers were all the same from everybody and
     their brother and were:
     the file to edit is: /etc/default/login
     line to comment/uncomment is: CONSOLE=/dev/console
     Thanx to everybody for the responses, inc. some wise asses!!!
     Additional kudos to those who took time to expand on the answer,
     including such subjects as security issues etc. However, like I said
     this was a brain fart -- at that moment in time I just couldn't
     remember the filename. Sorry I took the easy way out and hit the
     mailing list, but it got me a speedy response.
     Dave Merritt

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