SUMMARY: Machine Hanging repeatedly

From: D. Ellen March (
Date: Tue Apr 22 1997 - 19:17:20 CDT

Original question:

>>We have a sparc 4, running solaris 2.5 that hangs repeatedly.
>>I am seeing the following message in the /var/adm/messages file:
>>Apr 21 08:17:47 foobar rpc.ttdbserverd[306]: NetISAM: read failed
>>Apr 21 08:17:47 foobar NetISAM[306]: Fatal error: read failed - UNIX errno 11
>>Can anyone point me towards what NetISAM is? And also perhaps
>>how to fix it?

Thanks to the following managers:

Shirley Chee Mei Kin
Rene Occelli
Chan Cao
Alfredo Sola
Mark Hargrave
Michael Sullivan

Shirley and Rene said it best (here is Shirley's reply):

This message indicates that at least one of the tooltalk databases
located on your machine is having a problem. Either files are missing
or the state of the database indicates that it is not able to service
your requests.
If you see this try the following:-
        # kill -STOP <pid-#-of-rpc.ttdbserverd>
        # df -kF ufs | awk '{if (NR>1) print $6 "/TT_DB"}'
          This should print a list of directories in the root of
          filesystems called TT_DB E.g.
        If this encounters no problems then go ahead with the following
        command, remember though to ensure the system has adequate back
        ups, or alternatively, remove the directories manually.
        # rm -rf `df -kF ufs | awk '{if (NR>1) print $6 "/TT_DB"}'`
        Once the directories have been removed kill rpc.ttdbserverd as
        # kill -KILL <pid-#-of-rpc.ttdbserverd>
The next request to rpc.ttdbserverd will restart the daemon and the
databases will be rebuilt.


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