SUMMARY: Compiling gcc- FAQ Dilemma

From: Mark Fergusson (
Date: Mon Apr 21 1997 - 12:07:38 CDT

Hello all,

As those who replied "There is no way to do this, you have to use a
working compiler" ( I was hopeing despite the logic behind it, that
there was a way ).

>From Gnuchev Fedor who suggested:

There is no way to compile gcc without C compiler. So the only way out
to pick up canned binary for your OS and use it (you need it only on
stage only but still cannot get without it).

what you need is gcc-binaries-2.5.6.tar.gz (which is ~1.7Mb)
and looks it had really gone away from where it was

>From Louis Hoo:
There are a lot of precompiled binaries for Solaris here:

Many suggested getting a CD, such as
        Call Rudy at RhoLabs (1-800-528-4513) and ask for the "Missing CD-ROM'.
This is a nice package that has all of the GNU stuff and alot of other
tools both as pkgadd binaries and pkgadd sources. Works out of the box.
The nice
thing they sell is a Zip drive package. It's a package deal that has a
Zip drive
and the software. THe software includes the stuff to make the Zip drive
under the volume maanger and it includes a "rescue disk" that allows you
to boot
off the Zip drive

Thanks also to:
Stephen Harris
Morgan Jones
Bert N. Shure
Benjamin Cline

and anyone else who replied or replies after this message was sent.

The original question:
 Hello all,
> I know this has been a regular question in the past:
> Solaris does not come with a compiler, so how do I compile ggc in the
> first place.
> Answer from the SUN: Obtain an older pre-compiled version from:
> 0)
> 1)
> 2)
> This site is said to contain several programs/libraries for
> Solaris2.X.
> (i.e. gcc, emacs, gdb, libg++, gawk, diff, make, sed)
> 3)
> 4)
> and use that to compile a newer version.
> The problem is I have been unsuccessful trying to bring 5M across over
> our Internet link.
> ( Incidentally, I think most of those references no longer exist ). The
> one that was correct was
> I'm sure there is a way that you can compile gcc without using another
> compiler, but don't see any clear explanation in the documentation.
> Following the instructions, it keeps wanting to use cc.

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