solution to tar/nfs on sun/sgi

From: Garry Klouzal (
Date: Mon Apr 21 1997 - 17:01:10 CDT

Thanks to everyone who submitted an answer ( 3 of you)!

The original problem:

When untarring a file on my sun, onto a disk remoted mounted from an SGI,
the ownership of the untarred files was not the user but was the owner as
defined in the tar file. Since this wasn't even a user defined on the system,
the files and directories couldn't even be creatd due to permission problems.

The fix:

On the SGI I needed to set the tunable system paramter "restricted_chown"
to 1, which only lets the superuser change the owner of a file or directory.

By default on the SGI any one can do this.


Garry Klouzal

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