(addendum to) SUMMARY: strange NFS rejections on per-user basis

From: Mark Francillon (markf@marlboro.edu)
Date: Sat Apr 19 1997 - 08:27:36 CDT

The man page for pcnfsd says in black and white: 'By default, pcnfsd
will only allow authentication or print requests for users with uids
in the range 101 to 60002'. And also that you can fiddle this by
putting a line in /etc/pcnfsd.conf of the form:
        uidrange <start_here>,<stop_here>

Thanks to Mark Hershberger for the gentle hint to RTFM.


Mark Francillon
Marlboro College

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Date: Fri, 18 Apr 1997 17:03:53 -0500 (CDT)
From: "Mark `Hex' Hershberger" <mah@eecs.tulane.edu>
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To: Mark Francillon <markf@marlboro.edu>
Subject: Re: SUMMARY: strange NFS rejections on per-user basis
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> It's certainly the case that if I create a new account on the
> SS20 with a UID <= 100, and then try to mount from one of
> these clients using the account, I get a failure. And that if I
> then change the UID of the account to something > 100, all is
> fine. The closest I can find to an account of this in the
> Answerbook is the statement the (in the 'User Accounts, Printers...'
> section of the System Administrator Answerbook) that 'Customarily,
> the numbers for regular user accounts range from 100 through
> 60000 and the numbers from 0 through 99 are reserved for system
> accounts'. Apart from the apparent off-by-one error, I guess I
> would've used a stronger qualifying term than 'customarily'.

You can set a parameter in (I think) /etc/pcnfs.conf to allow uids less
than 100. If you need the info, I can probably dig it up.

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