Date: Tue Apr 15 1997 - 14:02:53 CDT

Hi Folks,
Thanks for the prompt responses to:
1. Karl Vogel (
Karl suggested installing "lsof". Tried that but could not find an option
which will give me the list of files getting written to.
John's suggestion was to recycle the lp daemons. Tried that too but the
problem did not go away.
However, after a reboot and after installing the LATEST PATCHES RECOMMENDED by
SUN, the problem has not shown up during the last 48 hrs. Fingers crossed :-)
Thanks a lot,

My original query was:
"My boot disk (which holds /, /usr, /var and /opt) shows 100 % busy when I
monitor it through
        iostat -xtc 5 5
It shows heavy writes to that disk. (sar -d also confirms the same high level
of activity).
My swap and /tmp are on another disk. Considering what is running on the
system I cannot explain the heavy I/O on the boot disk. (df does not indicate
any growth in the file systems. "find" also does not explain the heavy write
activity reported by sar ).
When this happens, the response time is also very poor. The system in
question is a E5000 running Solaris 2.5.1. The boot disk is the first disk in
a SSA but not under veritas.
Is there any tool to find out the list of files which are getting written to
at a given point in time?
SUN support could not help me. Any clues / pointers will be highly
appreciated. "

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