SUMMARY: IPC memory configuration

From: David Staggs (
Date: Tue Apr 15 1997 - 16:55:45 CDT

Original question:

   I have 4 4mb chips I want to put in an IPC. Could someone tell me
where the chips should go?


The 4MB simms go in bank 0 (U0588, U0587, U0586, U0585) which is
the 4 simm slots on the right hand side of the case. You can
fill the other 8 slots with 1MB simms to give you 24MB. If you
want to add a second lot of 4MB simms they go in bank 1 (U0584,
U0591, U0590, U0589) which is closest to where the disk drive
plugs in.

...From the FE Handbook

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