SUMMARY: Pager software

From: SI-Gaetan Boudreau (boudreg@IRCM.UMontreal.CA)
Date: Mon Apr 14 1997 - 16:03:44 CDT

My inquiry was to find out about what was being use out there for pager

A pager software is a software that enables you to send a message from a
script or directly by email to your alpha-numeric pager through a modem
attached to your Sun.

Thank you to all that replied:
Don Ballard <> (Jim Seavey)
Arthur Darren Dunham <> (Shaun Soward's Account (Celeste Stokely)
Scott Boss (Information Technology Services)
Asim Zuberi <>
"Curt Mills, WE7U." <>
Michael Baumann <>
Rich Kulawiec <> (Mark Henderson) (Kevin Sheehan {Consulting Poster Child}) (Marina Daniels)
"Bert N. Shure" <>
Troy Wollenslegel <>
karen@ecodev.FMR.Com (Karen Barrett)
"Matthew Stier" <>
GECFS Sun-list <>
Sydney Weinstein <>
"Garry.Robbins" <>
"Lajos Moczar" <>
Stuart Kendrick <>

Here is the survey results:
5 sendpage
5 tpage
4 spatch
2 EtherPage
2 Hylafax
2 scripts from SysAdmin Magazine
1 FirstPage

Here are extracts, comments and URL:
I'm using spatch ( Works great, at $199.00.
Don Ballard
I've just purchased the SPATCH paging system and e-mail->pager gateway
for about US$480. I'm fairly pleased with it.
You can hit their homepage ( and pull down a 30 eval
Mark P. Beckman
Try SPATCH ($125) from UNIDIRECT (800 370-2420) - works as well as
Etherpage and maybe better.
Shaun Sowards
We've got a bunch of free and commercial products for this listed at
Celeste Stokely
Asim Zuberi
I use tpage; it's free and works just fine.
I use sendpage. It's free and does alpha paging as well as supporting
email-pager gateway functionality with a little hacking.
Mark Henderson
We do that, by dialing into Telstra's Paging Service (Telstra is
major phone service provider) using PCOMM software, which you can find
download for free.
tpage and sendpage are public domain programs for alpha paging over a
subscribe to the ixo mailing list.
modems are really for losers. get an alpha pager that comes with an
internet address and you won't have to worry about software or modems.
Bert N. Shure
Pagenet has a web site that you could come up with some lynx script to
send a page with (if you have net access) otherwise, check out
this site has a lot of serial port(fax/pager) software.
We are using EtherPage and are having great success with it. With what
problems we have had (mostly due to our large paging volume), PPT has
extremely responsive in helping us work them out. I highly recommend
Karen Barrett
We have a corporate license for a Canadian product
called FirstPage from a company called Netcon Technologies.
If you'd like to contact them, email one of their
staff at ""
It is multi-platform, and works with virtually
any type of pager.
Garry D. Robbins

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