SUMMARY: Is there a financial/trade systems mailing list?

From: Fletcher B. Cocquyt (
Date: Sat Apr 12 1997 - 10:21:36 CDT

Turns out there is NOT a financial/trade systems mailing list.
But based on the number of admins interested in joining such a list,
I decided to create one following the Question/SUMMARY response
model of this list.

To subscribe to the list send a message with "subscribe" in the body to:

To post a message to the list (like sun-managers its unmoderated for
subscribers) use:

An online archive of the list can be found at:

Anyone who is responsible for a financial system will hopefully
find the list useful and help the list grow by contributing.

Original question:

> Fellow Admins,
> Forgive me if this message is a little out of place here, but
> I figure this might be relevant to more than a few of you who
> take care of financial or trading systems which likely include
> a few Suns.
> Is there a financial/trade systems related mailing list?
> This list would deal specifically with topics like digital data
> feeds: Reuters, KnightRidder, etc and trade applications:
> Tibco's Marketsheet and it would not necessarily be limited to Suns.
> I would also like to hear about any other trade systems related
> resources on the net; web pages, ftp archives etc.
> If there currently isn't a trade systems specific mailing list,
> let me know if you are interested in participating in such a list
> so we can see if there is enough interest to create one.

Fletcher B. Cocquyt	System Administrator 	Trout Trading		Hamilton, Bermuda

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