Summary: Sendmail 8.8.5

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Date: Fri Apr 11 1997 - 15:22:36 CDT

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Need to upgrade your as well. The supplied Sun is
incompatible with the new sendmail.
Install a cf file with "m4" to apply the local rules for your host, or
just generate a generic file with the base settings.
No, you don't need, it's a legacy of the old sendmail config.
You should remove it if it is still there (or at least rename it, so you
have it but it doesn't get used). You can compile 8.8.5 with DNS and
NIS(+) features enabled, instead....

Original questions are as follows:

>I have just installed sendamil 8.8.5 onto our Solaris 2.5, and when I do a
>mail test, it gives me the following error message:
>554 /etc/ line 15: unknown control line "Lmmaildomain"
>554 /etc/ line 300: replacement $3 out of bounds
>554 /etc/ line 324: replacement $3 out of bounds
>554 /etc/ line 326: replacement $3 out of bounds

>And on the console window, the following would appear:
>sendmail[nnn]: NOQUEUE: SYSERR(root): /etc/ line 15: unknown
>control line "Lmmaildomain"
>sendmail[nnn]: NOQUEUE: SYSERR(root): /etc/ line 300:
>replacement $3 out of bounds
>sendmail[nnn]: NOQUEUE: SYSERR(root): /etc/ line 324:
>replacement $3 out of bounds
>sendmail[nnn]: NOQUEUE: SYSERR(root): /etc/ line 326:
>replacement $3 out of bounds

>What did I miss here?
>BTW, do I need to create/copy a file from somewhere as well?

>Janet Leung, TACTech, Inc., Yorba Linda, CA 92887

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