SUMMARY: UDP Name Server Requests and PCs

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1. No one replied to my original posting :-(

2. Our ISP's help desk pointed me (1) to check the netmask and (2) disable WINS.
   The netmask was ok, and WINS was disabled. What could we do else? Well, some-
   times, programs need a really hard kick: we went into the network settings, enabled
   WINS and disabled it again and confirmed with OK. This should leave things as
   they were before, where we saw everything ok and then cancelled the dialg. After
   that, Windows rebooted the machine. And you won't believe it: now everything seems
   to be fine...

3. Later I found out, that port 137 points to a NetBIOS/NetBEUI problem. Some people
   thought, that we have an NT server - but in fact, we only use Windows95 !



well, this is more or less a Windows95 networking problem (PLEASE forgive me), but maybe
someone else working on UNIX and PCs has seen this before.

When i monitored the network traffic with tcpdump, i found out, that from time to time
one of our PC's (named 'norbert') sends a UDP name server request to our internet provider.
Then he gets the answer "NON EXISTANT DOMAIN":

11:21:32.218134 norbert.137 > 896+ A? (47)
11:21:33.715925 norbert.137 > 896+ A? (47)
11:21:35.226029 norbert.137 > 896+ A? (47)
11:21:38.449160 > norbert.137: 896 NXDomain* 0/1/0 (95)

So far, so good. The name WORKGROUP is the name of the Windows95 workgroup of which this
machine is a part (in Windows 95: start -> settings -> control panel -> network ->
identification ) and not a host name. All other PCs don't have this problem. I don't know
exactly, since when we have this problem, but it seems, as if this started when we connected
the PC with POP 3 to our mail server.

We do not want these useless calls to our provider, we could do better things with or money...
Any help is appreciated.

Thanks in advance


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