SUMMARY: What do I do?

From: Ricardo Ramos dos Santos (
Date: Thu Apr 10 1997 - 13:08:28 CDT

Thanks to all replies, specially to Ray Trzaska.

Original quetion:
> I'm working with a SUN Netra i machine. I need to compile some programs
> like Perl5.003, but I don't have the C Libraies headers. So, how can I
> get it??? I've already seen onto the CD-ROM but I couldn't find any
> reference to this. Please help me!!!
> Thanks!!!!
> --

The Answer:

I haven't installed some packages from the CD-ROM. So I had to install
those packages:

SUNWarc, SUNWhea, SUNWmfrun, SUNWxwinc

Some replies told me to get a binary version of GCC. I did that but as I
don't have some basics libs and headers, it was not possible to compile
a program.

Once again,


Ricardo Ramos dos Santos

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