Summary: Virus On Sun?

From: Janet Hoo (
Date: Wed Apr 09 1997 - 15:47:32 CDT

First of all I work like to thank the following people for all their
GREAT input!
Daniel Baker Tim Carlson
Harvey Wamboldt Frank Pardo
Robert J. Helferich Jr. Ray Trzaska
Andew Moffat A Space Oditty
BobC Christopher Haggard
Alex Finkel Steve Boyko
Michael Zimmerman Christopher L. Barnard
Birger A. Wathne
Alferdo Sola

And anyone who sends info after this summary is posted.

Well here goes,

The answer is not as simple as I had hoped. First, no it is not possible
for your Unix box to contract or get the virus. It is possible however,
for the Unix files you opened and edited on the PC to be infected with
the virus. They will not harm the Unix box but they will reinfect the PC
when you open the files and edit them on the PC. Opening my home
directory on my PC (which now has a virus check installed) has show the
files to be infected. I am currently downloading a virus check program
from to scan and clean my Unix box. Luckly, not a severe
virus. No damage done - just a pain. Thanks for all the help and tips!
Janet Hoo

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