SUMMARY: network traffic

From: Elena Gianolio (
Date: Wed Apr 09 1997 - 08:32:00 CDT

Hello Managers

thanks to all.

my request:

"do you know any software that can tell me the number and the size of the packets
that a machine send to or receive from the network ?

I know perfmeter but it tell me the number of packets and not the size ...

I need to collect the data (number of packets and size) for one week and then
eventually build a graph .... (if I have the data stored into a file, then
I know how the manage them)"

snoop -V hostname |grep ETHER
is what I choosed

some alternative suggestions:
nfswatch (
MRTG Multi Router Traffic Grapher (in

A special thanks to:
Antti Toivonen <>
Rick Kelly <>
Erwin Fritz <>
Karl E. Vogel" <>
Jay Lessert <> (Ing. Felipe Tribaldos)
Arolovitch Alan <>
James Ashton <>
Karl von Jena <>
Charles Gagnon <charles@Grafnetix.COM>
Sun Manager <>

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