SUMMARY: Solaris Drivers for Pioneer DRM-604x

From: Clarkson, Michael (
Date: Wed Apr 09 1997 - 03:57:32 CDT

I recieved several replies, some suggested I use jukebox software and
driver products from Tracer Technologies or IOXUS.

However I used the suggestion below recommended by

Thanks to all that responded

Michael Clarkson
Unix Systems Admin

I used a Pioneer DRM-604x on Solaris-2.5 without additional drivers. But
there must be additional entries in /kernel/drv/sd.conf:

name="sd" class="scsi"
        target=6 lun=1;

name="sd" class="scsi"
        target=6 lun=2;

name="sd" class="scsi"
        target=6 lun=3;

name="sd" class="scsi"
        target=6 lun=4;

name="sd" class="scsi"
        target=6 lun=5;

This assumes that the CD changer is SCSI target ID 6. Do a
reboot after changing /kernel/drv/sd.conf.


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