SUMMARY: automountd[151]: server xxxx not responding

From: Mike Legako X5355 BLD 551 1 P5 (legako@ew01.ew)
Date: Tue Apr 08 1997 - 12:26:59 CDT

        Hi fellow administrators:
        THE PROBLEM:

        I am experiencing the following problem with NFS on an Ultra Sparc
Model 140 running Solaris 2.5.1 (OS 5.5.1):

Feb 28 09:27:25 ew06 automountd[151]: server ew01 not responding
Feb 28 09:27:40 ew06 automountd[151]: server ew05 not responding

        Both of the servers above are Sparc 2's running OS 4.1.3 (slow servers).
        The true nature of the problem was best indicated by running
        vmstat -s on the Ultra Sparc client. Near the end of this report:

 20019064 total name lookups (cache hits 56%)

        The cache hits were too low. Acceptable performance is only achieved
when cache hits are > 90%.

        The largest single improvement in performance is due to a single change
on the Ultra Sparc Client. Adding the actimeo=300 option to its
/etc/auto.master file for all server mount points (including those above) as
follows made a LARGE difference in observable performance. Cache hits now
average 98%.

        (See References)
        No one responded to this query. It was posted two months ago.

        1) "SMCC NFS Performance and Tuning Guide", Solaris 2.5 SMCC Manual,
           Sun Microsystems. (Available in the on-line answerbook).
        2) Cockcroft, Adrian. "Sun Performance and Tuning", Sun Microsystems,
        3) Stern, Hal. "Managing NFS and NIS", O'Reilly.

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