SUMMARY:Running cron jobs in Korn shell

Date: Mon Apr 07 1997 - 10:18:24 CDT

     Thanks to all the QUICK responses:
     Original Question:
     } Hello sun-managers!
     } I have a number of users creating korn and C shell scripts for
     } processing. They need to place these scripts in their
     individual cron } areas for automatic execution. How do they
     ensure that their jobs run } under the appropriate shell (korn or
     bourne or c)? Also, not all
     } users may use the same shell, so it would be nice to do this on
     } individual user basis. Is there a way to include their
     .profile for } the shell environment? Thanks for any input you
     may have.
     As I had suspected the answer is:
     place the syntax for the appropriate shell at the top of each script.
     Again thanks to all!

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