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Thanks to all who responded. The 'itchy reply button' award goes to Matt Stier
for getting the first response back to me! 8-)

Everyone who responded gave the correct answer in one way or another and
everyone also warned me to be aware of adding a scsi device to a 'live' chain.
Believe me I was very aware of this and I am always nervous doing it but I have
done it dozens of times so I was playing the odds.

Original post:

I want to add a new external drive to the SCSI chain on my SC1000. There are
already three external drives daisychained and I want to add this one to the
chain. Is there a way to do this without having to a do a boot -r?

Sparc Center 1000 - Solaris 2.5.1


While holding your breath, connect the new drive to the chain. If successful,
exhale deeply then go to Happy Hour at the nearest pub (bar). When finished at
the pub, run the following commands;

# /etc/init.d/drvconfig
# /usr/sbin/disks

You can then run 'format' to partition the drive, then run newfs etc...

NOTE: If you are unsuccessful at connecting the drive while holding your
breath, you might want to think about joining Heaven's Gate cause the boss, and
all the users, are now looking for you.

Thanks to my responders;

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