Summary:eeprom on Sparc 1000

From: Jaspreet Singh (m1jxs03@FRB.GOV)
Date: Wed Apr 02 1997 - 07:46:22 CST

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Original Post:

>I need to find the eeprom version on a SUN Sparc 1000E.
>I tried showrev and eeprom, however, that didn't quite do it.
>Any help would be appreciated.


>>How about "banner" command at "ok" prompt ?

>>prtconf -V shows Open Boot Prom revision
>>Stop-A on the console, followed by "banner" then "go" to resume gives
>>the ROM revision.

>>Have you tried dmesg? There are a couple of options so look at the man
>>page. But, this command will tell you what you need.


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