ANNOUNCE: free NIS+ tool

From: Ralf Lehmann (
Date: Mon Mar 31 1997 - 19:38:56 CST

Dear sun managers,

I have finished my NIS+ tool version 0.1alpha. It is not a replacement
for adminsuite. It is thougth to be a help in setting up and maintaining
a NIS+ domain.

These are the features:
        -Create a root domain (mind the bug) and subdomains.
        -Add and remove replica servers to and from NIS+ directories.
        -Create your own tables and directories.
        -Change the attributes of directories, tables and entries.
        -Dump or load domains and all tables (even your own) to/from files.
        -Add entries to any table using a generic interface.
        -Add credentails for hosts and users.
        -Change passwords of users.

You will need perl 5.003 and TK400.201 or higher to run nistool.

Please note that there might be a lot of bugs and that it might not be of help
to you if you don't know nothing about NIS+.

You may download nistool and a precompiled perl package for solaris from:

Your comments, suggestions and help is welcome.

If there is an interest in such a tool I will go on with the development.

Have fun

Ralf Lehmann

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