SUMMARY:pre-compiled binaries for ghostscript

From: Rakesh Jain (
Date: Mon Mar 31 1997 - 11:15:11 CST

hi there,

        here is the summary to my question. thank you all very much for the
help. first is the original question and following it are the replies I got.


>Can anyone point out where can I get pre-compiled ghostscript
>binaries for solaris 2.x os.

From: lorandi@[]

You can to look at:

this ftp server has a lot of software for solaris
Please be carefull, I do not remember at this time but may be you are going
to need 1 or 2 libraries from X11R6
Good Luck

Lorandi M. Alberto

From: Bob Woodward <>
Try at

From: "Matthew Stier" <>


From: (Robert Pasken)

Call 1-800-528-4513 and ask for Rudy. RhoLabs/RJL systems sells a package deal
that includes a Zip-100 drive and a complete set of precompiled binaries for
Solaris-2.5 that includes ghostscript and the gcc compiler.

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