SUMMARY: Access to Novell servers under WABI

From: Tuna Tugcu (
Date: Mon Mar 31 1997 - 04:37:59 CST

   Hi managers,

   There was only one response (thanks to David Poore) and it's included
below together with the original question.

   Tuna Tugcu

> > I have installed wabi on an Ultra 140 running Solaris 2.5 (with all
> > recommended patches) and now I need to create access to Novell file
> > servers and printers. I have done this on Linux with ncpfs package, but I
> > don't know what I should use for Solaris.
> > By the way, it should be a free tool.
> I don't know of a 'free' tool, but if you have the nfs package on the
> novell server, you can use it to create an export file system and then
> simply mount it from the Sun.
> David Poore

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