Summary:SunOS 4.1.4 kernel page size change

Date: Thu Mar 27 1997 - 02:17:02 CST

Many thanks to Glenn Satchell,Sophia Sameera Corsava,Peter M Allan for their
response to my query.
While Glenn advised that the kernel pagesize shuold not be messed around
with,the other responses from Sophia and Peter gave other options but were
I have included their responses below.

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Peter M Allan:
Why change this ? I'd leave it alone.
I have not changed this on my SunOS 4.1.1 systems
but I think it would be:
#define MMU_PAGESIZE 0x1000 /* 4096 bytes */
Then rebuild and install the kernel (keeping old one of course).
 -- Peter Allan
Sophia Sameera Corsava
The system values are located in /etc/system. Amend the page size in there
and reboot and that should be it.
Hope this helps
Glenn Satchell
Sure easy, just get the SunOS source code and change all th ereferences
and then rebuild the whole of hte kernel and all the utilities :-) Oh,
yeah and change th ehardware memory management unit.
Sorry, this is hard coded in the hardware and many places in the kernel
so you can't change it.

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