SUMMARY: ksh on SUN OS 4.1.x

From: Ma, Mike (
Date: Thu Mar 27 1997 - 18:22:17 CST

I want to thank the following people for their excellent response:


Try going to the following URL and download astkit_base_96

We tried this and it worked great.

(2) Kevin Sheehan

> 1) bash, from the GNU tool set

this is the one I prefer - widely used, and as far as I can see
ksh compliant, with the added feature that you can remap things
you don't like. Even arrow keys work, which is usually what convinces
naive users to switch from csh.

(3) Steve Kives

     Yes, there is an update!
     The "real" Korn shell is available as a binary from AT&T directly
     visiting their website. The latest version is ksh93, which has
     command-completion and other enhancements not known, since it comes
     with no docs (boo!) I have it running on a dozen 4.1.4 machines
     without a hitch. Sure beats the csh everyone was using here
     As for the source code, I dunno.

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