SUMMARY:Sparc1+ and new monitor

From: Craig Eller (
Date: Thu Mar 27 1997 - 09:58:50 CST

Thanks to DEAN MOORE and Gene Rackow for quick responses.

Original question:
I have a couple of Sparc1+ running 4.1.2. As far as I know they have the
original (standard?) graphics card. Recently I replaced the original
monitors with Sun Model # GDM-1962B. When the CPU is powered off, and on
again, the system will not reboot if the monitor cable is connected (whether
the monitor is on or not). After a power cycle if I disconnect the monitor
cable, wait until the initial boot screens are past, reconnect cable all is
fine. If I reboot without cycling the CPU power, all is fine.
>From Dean Moore:
Your new monitors are multi-sync monitors and your GX grapics cards
are the dual slot buffers. The buffers are a low rev and don't decode
the monitor sense at power up. You can upgrade your cards or re-plug
the cable @ power-up
>From Gene Rackow:
As far as I can tell that is a known problem. I have the same thing happening
on a machine here. Unless I want to change the graphics card out, it's not
a problem. There might be a way of clipping a line in the monitor cable to
fake it into believing it has the older style monitr but I don't know what that
may be.
My conclusion:
I'm just going to live with it - I don't really want to invest any more $s
in the Sparc 1+s.

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