SUMMARY: Dat tape errors

From: White Gary SrA USAFE CSS/SCOE (
Date: Wed Mar 26 1997 - 07:44:38 CST

I got one response and that was to look at the /var/adm/messages and the
/var/log/syslog files. These files give some extra info. I'm not sure
if it will help us yet though I haven't dug deep enough.

Thanks to

Karl Vogel

for the reply.

Gary White
Senior Systems Engineer USAF
Ramstein AB, GE

>From: White Gary SrA USAFE CSS/SCOE
>Sent: Monday, March 24, 1997 12:59 PM
>To: 'sun-managers'
>Subject: Dat tape errors
>We have had many problems with our DAT tape drives failing lately. We have
>been unable to recreate the problem with any consistency. It is my
>understanding when writing to a tape if it detects a bad spot it will skip
>over and keep writing. Therefore I suspect the problem is elsewhere.
>Finally my question. Does Solaris 2.3 keep a log somewhere of tape errors.
>Not the vague indescript ones that are echoed to the console but a
>descriptive error code or message that can tell me what exactly failed (i.e.
>bad tape, bad connection, scsi bus error etc.)
>Thanks in advance.
>I will actually summarize this one if I get an answer.
>Gary White
>Senior Systems Engineer USAF
>Ramstein AB, GE

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