SUMMARY:Where does one set gateway IP address in Solaris.*?

From: Hagen Finley (
Date: Wed Mar 26 1997 - 00:57:42 CST

   I guess its occasionally good for someone to ask a question for which
everyone on the list has an answer (except moi, of course - all
responses were genuinely appreciated) - thank you all for taking the
time to address my question.

    Envelope Please! The answer to my primary question was to create a
/etc/defaultrouter file in which the IP address of the router machine -
Thank you to many:

Glenn Satchell -
UniqProfessional Services<>
PK Shiu <>
"Matthew Stier" <> (David Procter)
and many others.

    Regarding the my mention of the resolv.conf, it turns out that that
file also needs to be created:
Karl Vogel<> provided this helpful

; try local name server first
; if local name server down, try these
nameserver yyy.yyy.yyy.yyy
nameserver zzz.zzz.zzz.zzz

    A special award goes to "Chris Staunton" <> who was
able to clarify how Microsoft's NT Proxy works:

I just finished an Proxy install on an NT server, it went very easily.
All you should have to do is point your programs that you are going to
use, ie Netscape to use the proxy server port address, it's really that
easy. If you need help with the proxy server please feel free to ask.

    With Netscape 3.01 setting up a pointer to the Proxy Server is easy
- just fill in the blanks under Options -> Network Preferences -> Manual
Proxy Configuration [View] just install the IP address and Port # (80 in
my case). Voila! The Sun's Netscape functions via the proxy.
Unfortunately, 1) Netscape News and Mail doesn't seem to know to connect
to the news server via the proxy, 2) it doesn't appear one can access a
proxy without using a application that is already designed to configure
to use a proxy, so command line telnet, ftp, ping, etc. don't function.
If someone knows how to point normal internet functioning toward a Proxy
I'd be all ears.

    Finally, there were several people who recognized the limitations of
my thinking - that what I was looking for via the NT Proxy was more than
the Proxy was designed to perform. Chris Staunton writes:

One more thing, as for the pointing to the gateway machine just make
sure that you add a route to the gateway address. I'm not totally sure
but I think all you need for that is a file called defaultrouter in the
/etc directory. If you would like to see why look at the file called
inetinit in your /etc/init.d/ directory.

I wrote Vasu Vuppala:

> If I establish a PPP connection with my ISP in which I am
> assigned an address say on the NT machine by server
> and I can ping the from the SUN via the
> internal LAN, why can't I set the as a gateway using
> "route add default 1" command line entry? I get
> is unreachable". (Incidently, the address results in the

> same response and I can't ping the .6 address either). Any thoughts?

Vasu responed:

The "network is unreachable" error will come if you do not have an entry

in the routing table for network (assuming the netmask is Check to see if you have such an entry by

      netstat -nr

But before that I'm not very clear on how you have setup your internal
LAN. Does the Sun have a network interface with 220.212.100.xx IP
address ?

    So the short story on this vein is there's more work to be done, but
I genuinely appreciated the resource this list provided me and provides
to others. Thanks again,

Hagen Finley

Its true that what I am really after is a bonafide gateway for my LAN.
The NT Proxy gets me halfway there and for that I am delighted.
I imagine NT can do the whole gateway job, but I will probably use a
BSDi Unix box for that ( I have email support there).

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