SUMMARY: disksuite error means what?

From: Marina Daniels (
Date: Tue Mar 25 1997 - 00:54:52 CST

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I have disksuite 4.0 installed on a solaris 2.4 box.

It is working successfully but when the machine reboots I see the following
error messages that seem to be caused by disksuite?

WARNING: forceload of misc/md_trans failed
WARNING: forceload of misc/md_raid failed
WARNING: forceload of misc/md_hotspares failed

Does anybody know what this means and how to get rid of it?

**** ANSWER *****

This message from Glenn sums it up:

These messages occur because the relevant drivers are force loaded in
/etc/system, but there are no hotspares, raid5, or logging filesystems
configured. Either just ignore the message or you can comment out the
lines in /etc/system for those three drivers:

* Begin MDD root info (do not edit)
* forceload: misc/md_trans
* forceload: misc/md_raid
* forceload: misc/md_hotspares
forceload: misc/md_stripe
forceload: misc/md_mirror
Note that the comment character in /etc/system is `*' not `#' !!

Thanks again

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