Summary: xgrab on solaris

From: Shirley Chee Mei Kin (
Date: Tue Mar 25 1997 - 03:55:01 CST

Dear all,

Thks for all the responses from :

Stuart Bailey
Toth-Abonyi Mihaly
Khanh Vo
Craig L. Gruneberg
Dave Merritt
Harvey Wamboldt
Justin Young
Miriam Brace

My original question is
May I know where can I download the xgrab software (run on Solaris 2.x)?
Xgrab allows you to capture the image on the screen.
The one that I have is running on SUNOS 4.x and now I have upgraded my
O/S to Solaris 2.x. Do anyone know the web site ?

Sugguested solutions
1. Use snapshot in /usr/openwin/bin (available with the O/S)

2. Download from

3. Try xwd which is a standard distribution with Solaris.

4. Try XV which can be downloaded from


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