SUMMARY: _upsd daemon using alot of CPU resource ....

From: Ryan Lewis (
Date: Mon Mar 24 1997 - 17:55:30 CST

Message was:
Environment is Solaris 2.4 Sparc 20
We have a _upsd daemon process using alot of CPU resource.
Please could someone give us advise on how this problem arises and
any fixes.
In the meantime, can we just kill it and restart?
* APC's SmartUPS monitoring daemon, the latest version (4.2.2, I believe),
fixes a known bug in earlier versions that caused this runaway CPU

* Those, using the same version, said they fixed this problem by just
killing and restarting the daemon.

Thanks to the following for their advice ....
Benjamin Cline
Michael Baumann
Bob Woodward
James Cayz
Jeff J Dingbaum
Mark Bergman
James T Ranks
Caleb Warner
Michael R Zika

Ryan Lewis
ZESPRI International

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