Summary: Sparc 1+ as X terminal

From: Lincoln Chang (
Date: Thu Mar 20 1997 - 13:33:44 CST

My original answer:

> My user ask me if she can use an old Sparc 1+ as X terminal of HP?

Thanks for the replies from John Justin Hough, Richard Skelton, Mark Henderson,
Ryan Permeh, Danny Johnson, Justin Young and others (hope not missing anyone).

Since not much replies needed to be summaried, here is the replies:

Reply 1
It would probably be an excess, but look at Xkernel.

Reply 2
yup, as long as there is sufficient resources <memory, etc> for the
sparc1 to do X in a manner that would be satifactory to her. X
multi-platform windowing system, it could and should make the trasition
seemless. < i'm pretty sure ,anyways:) >

Reply 3
Load Solaris 2.5.1 and CDE and read answer book Solaris CDE Installation =
page 28=20
section called using Workstations as X Terminals.

Reply 4
Seriously, yes. SunOS or Solaris? The command's still the same
'/usr/openwin/bin/X -query hpxserver'

The only difference is whether you place it in /etc/rc.local or

Reply 5
yes, although it will be slower that any modern X terminal.


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