SUMMARYRe: password changer - no login shell?

From: Geoff Lamb - EEA/TOS (
Date: Wed Mar 19 1997 - 20:30:40 CST


Thank you to all who responded. The response was amazing!

There were way to many to thank indevidually.

The request was:

=> Does anyone know what I could use as a password changer for our users that
=> do not have login shells, i.e. they just have unix accounts to access a pop
=> server?
=> What would be realy good would be to have a web page where they could do it.

Most people said to change their shell to /bin/passwd

REALY simple, it fits into the "wow that is neat, why didn't I think of that"

I had to to a bit of fiddling - putting a wrapper arround it (thanks Brion Leary <> ) and make it call yppasswd with a user name to
work. And I will just put a link on our web page to telnet the host.

The wrapper is:

>echo "Changing password for $LOGNAME"
>echo "Password should be at least six (6) characters long."
>echo "They should include one or more non-alphabet character."
>echo "Passwords secure ALL data not just your own data. If you"
>echo "choose a passwords that is easy to guess then you are "
>echo "risking the security on ALL of our files"
>stty erase \^H
>/usr/bin/yppasswd `whoami`

Thanks again.


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