[SMgrs] SUMMARY: subject line request

From: Gary Bickford (garyb@fxt.com)
Date: Tue Mar 18 1997 - 13:09:53 CST

My original post:

>My fairly primitive mail filtering would be much happier if this list
>server were configured to put something like [SMgrs] or [SunAdm] in the
>subject line - most of the other lists I'm on do this. I'm fairly new on
>the list, so I don't really have any right to jump in, but hey.

Well, folks
I got a total of 22 replies to this, of which 4 were [very] positive - in
fact one of the 4 actually does this in their exploder for local users.
Thanks for your support. And while the 18 others were often quite vocal,
nobody outright flamed me - thanks for your understanding!

I quote From: skives@cantor.com
     A really terrific idea. I occasionally delete mail from coworkers and
     bosses due to misidentifying them as uninteresting sun-managers mail.

Here is a suggested procmail filter, for inquiring minds:
>From Claus Assmann <ca@informatik.uni-kiel.de>
Why don't you filter on the To: line?
For procmail:

* ^TOsun-managers

I should explain a little farther, just for the record. While all my
service is done on a Sun, I actually read my mail at home on an old Mac,
running free Eudora. The commercial Eudora has very comprehensive
filtering ability, but I'm too cheap to buy it, so sorting by subject is my
_only_ tool. Also, many of my clients use [shudder] Notscape to read their
mail - they don't read this list, but might be examples of those who do.
They're in the same boat.

Oh, yes - for those who thought this change was too much work - in
Majordomo, it requires only changing one parameter in the config, and can
be done in about two minutes. Majordomo somehow prevents the recursion
problem several mentioned. But I don't know other mail processors, so I
wasn't sure if it was time consuming/difficult or not.

Several people gave me examples of procmail filters, for which I thank you.
I'll save them just in case. But for now, I'm too lazy to get a copy of
procmail and set it up just for this purpose, so I'll probably just deal
with it.

Thanks to all for your response. And Gene - I'm sorry I called you mom! :)


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