From: Ryan Lewis (
Date: Mon Mar 17 1997 - 17:34:36 CST

Question was:
Environment is Solaris 2.4 Sparc 1000e.
I started a ufsrestore yesterday to test a suspect tape.
The session hung and now the process will not die. So I can't do a
backup of anything!

Answers: In my case, I rebooted after unsuccessfully trying to kill the

i) The majority of people said that, in their experience, a reboot was how
they "fixed" this problem.

ii) Power-cycling the tape drive, repeatedly trying to kill the process
while the drive is both off and on.

iii) Also, loading a scratch tape into the drive and trying to bring the
device back online, in the hope the process will pick it up.

Thanks to the following for their advice:
Brion Leary
Mark Bergman
Chris Marble
Brad Young
Peter Tashkoff
Marina Daniels
Sean Ward
Ivan Villalobos
Jim Harman
John Benjamins
Ken Franco
Viet Q Hoang
Kevin Sheehan

Thanks again,
Ryan Lewis
Zespri International

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