SMMARY: Attachments and max size

From: dave (
Date: Sat Mar 15 1997 - 00:04:06 CST

On Tue, 11 Mar 1997, Kevin Sheehan {Consulting Poster Child} wrote:
> > Hi all. Last week I asked a question about limiting the size of a
> > message, and I was informed of the M= option in Can someone
> > tell me if this holds true for attachments as well? Is there another
> > option that specifies attachment sizes, or are they treated as just
> > another part of the message body?


As it turned out, most, if not all of you that responded were correct.
First, thanks for the responces.

It turned out that one of the guys I work with found a doc on sun's
support page that instructed him how to do it: "Turn to page 12345 of
O'Reilly's Sendmail book...". Thought that was kinda funny.

Anyway, we figured out that you had to apply the M= option to each of the
M-lines of the file. In other words, it was necessary to make
changes on the lines:


 From the default, to read something like:

Mlocal ... M=<message size>

So, for those of you that said to make it say "MaxMessageSize", I couldn't
get that to work.. Any ideas on that? Otherwise, its work ok.

Thanks again,
Dave Wreski

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