From: Sajid Virani (
Date: Fri Mar 14 1997 - 10:22:11 CST

I posted a question 4 weeks ago and got no replies( no wonder, it was a
new bug). We just resolved the problem and thought i should share with
you all.

Original question:
On our Ultra 6000 was experiencing some ECC memory errors, and we
decided to run SUNvts(diagostic tool) on the whole system.Since we are
using ODS and SUNvts is not recommended to run on metadevices, we ran
SUNvts without probing the disks.Everything went fine that time.The next
day morning SUNvts mysteriously kicked off on its own and started
probing the disks and we had some major corruption with our database.

Resolution: Our sun SE found out that we were a beta site for SUNremon(
a remote diagnostics tool)which was running on of our development boxes
which was kicked off SUNvts on our 6000.

Moral: SUNvts + ODS + metadevice = recipe for disaster

Live and learn



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