SUMMARY: du patch for Sol2.5

From: James K Brigman (
Date: Fri Mar 14 1997 - 16:13:05 CST


The answer to the question is YES...use the patch. And indeed I did mean
103477, not 103277. It was a typo.

Much thanks to:

Matthew Stier
David Milun
Chris Drake

Good weekend to you all;


>I'm trying to fix the "du x 16" problem in Solaris 2.5. I understand that
>patch #103226 is the desired fix. HOwever, I find that 103226 has been
>obsoleted by 103277.
>When you look at the problem description for 103277, it mentions nothing
>about the "du x 16" problem, and in fact identifies itself as a tcp patch.
>Can I safely use 103277 to solve the "du x 16" problem?

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