SUMMARY: search engine

From: Jozef Rujak (
Date: Thu Mar 13 1997 - 02:12:51 CST

Hi suners,

my original question was:

>Hi Suners,
>can you reccomend me some Web SearchEngine ( like AltaVista )
>which works on Suns under Solaris 2.5 ?

I received lot of similar answers and the here is one for all
from Khanh Vo <>:

>I looked at many different search engines available, many of those well known
>engines are just search facilities, which mean they do not have executable one can
>down load and run on local machines, e.g. hotbot. Some does not have Solaris
>version of the engine to run on Sun machines, e.g. Alta Vista.
>There are three engines I end up testing, namely wwwais, glimpse, and excite.
>Excite beats the other two in many categories.
>Khanh Vo

Thanks to all who responded.


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