SUMMARY: Emergency rebuild of /dev on Sunos4.1.3

From: 101 (
Date: Mon Mar 10 1997 - 09:01:27 CST

Hello folks,

    Hope everyone had a good weekend.

    Over the weekend I had the dubious task of trying to help a remote user
(another state) rebuild a machine in which the /dev entries had been
deleted. I received many responses which I found overwhelming for a week en
d request.

    The approach we took was to reboot the machine from a CDROM. Once the
'miniroot' was running, we then used the MAKEDEV script to try to rebuild
the missing entries (keep in mind that, along with the device entries, the
original MAKEDEV was also deleted.)

    Several people e-mailed new MAKEDEV files, since they properly deduced
that the original had been deleted. I thank you for your wisdom.

    Because of distance, we used the MAKEDEV script that was available in
the miniroot /dev. This was copied to the original /dev directory (which
was made available by mounting the original root partition on a temporary
directory.) I don't know if the miniroot MAKEDEV and the final MAKEDEV are

    The MAKEDEV script provides the ability to quickly create device nodes
to different 'classes' of devices. For example, to generate the SCSI device
nodes, you would run 'MAKEDEV sd'. In our case we needed to rebuild the
entire set. The command for this is 'MAKEDEV std'

    The sad summary to this tale is that there were other things that were
not working and we ended up having to reload the entire OS. Happily, they
are up and running this morning.

    Again, much thanks to all of those who responded so pomptly in my time
of need.

Thomas \:)

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