SUMMARY II: wtmpx file grows

From: Oscar Goldes (
Date: Thu Mar 06 1997 - 05:11:40 CST

Sorry - I did not include the original question in my former summary- Here
it is


I have several Solaris machines without keyboard and display, in which the
wtmpx files keep constantly growing up, ultimately eating up disk capacity
(tens of megabytes). The growth rate is high (between two consecutive ls -l
there is a very noticeable difference in size)

I have determined that the process that is filling them up is
dtterm. Killing the process stops file grow. I would like to find
a "polite" way of stoping this, without having to kill dtterm.

*** note *** as it was pointed out by many of you, the process is
"dtlogin", not dtterm.

>Thanks to all. I have received a lor of replies, including some C sources
adn scripts.
>The proposed solutions were:
>delete wtmpx and wtmp files
>purge more frequently such files
>removing dtlogin from /etc/rcx.d/Sxxdtlogin
>and modifying the file
>"/etc/dt/config/Xserver" commenting out the line that starts with :0.
>Any of the solutions work, however for our particular problem (machine
with CDE but without graphics card) we found the two last ones as the more

-- Oscar Goldes
-- ORDEN Argentina SA

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